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Banishing Back Pain from Breastfeeding

A healthy transition for mother and child

Keep these tips in mind:

  • When sitting, recline to an angle of 20 degrees to take pressure off your neck.
  • Use cervical and lumbar support pillows when sitting
  • Choose a supportive chair when sitting
  • Vary your position between sitting and standing to prevent muscle fatigue
  • When standing, always use a baby carrier or a wrap 
  • If lying down, make sure to use a pillow to prop yourself up and support your upper body effectively

From here, it is a matter of exercising to restore lost muscle tone and improve the weight-bearing and compression-resistance capabilities of your core muscles. If you can do this while also focusing heavily on hydration, nutrition and sleep, you will go a long way towards making a healthy transition for yourself and, by extension, your child. At Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we can facilitate this process! We have the expertise and experience to help you fight pain and keep well being on the up and up. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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