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What happened to our flexibility?

If you're concerned about your lack of flexibility and range of motion, or your overall lack of flexibility, then you're not alone. As your number one Chiropractor in Brooklyn, we deeply understand the body and how it is interconnected with your entire being.

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As children, you are able to fall with very little consequence compared to being an adult; this serves as an example of how our youthful, pliant muscles keep us agile and supple and less prone to injury. Then something happens -- as adults, we are taller, heavier and a fall hurts more. We take on responsibilities that cause us to move less; we forget how to sit, stand and move with good posture and all this is set against the backdrop of natural degeneration of our body's structures that comes with age. As we let ourselves go down this dangerous road, flexibility starts to fall away, our muscles become less pliant and we become more vulnerable to injury from seemingly innocuous movements: the twists, turns, lifts, dips, grabs and reaches, many of which are subconscious, that define our daily existence. But it doesn't have to be this way!

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Flexibility of the mind leads to flexibility of the body

Keeping an open, flexible mind allows us to remain open to new ideas- for example, taking on a simple stretching routine that will negate much of the harm caused by sitting too much. No matter how inflexible you may feel, you can start adding flexibility into your life bit by bit, if only you know where to start. Here is an idea for an easy routine that will help you get started today:

Gentle twist

Upper shoulder stretch

Chest stretch

Are you selling your flexibility short by not stretching?

At your Park Slope chiropractor, we know that keeping muscles pliant and flexible is one of the best ways to keep ourselves in a state of fitness as we age. In fact, it can make the difference between an old age of chronic pain and one of independence. Let's stop the stiffness today! Give our office in Brooklyn a call to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Karen Thomas, D.C.