What to Expect From Your First Acupuncture Visit

Those who have never undergone an acupuncture session might be curious about how the process works. Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope enjoys providing educational materials and articles to our patients in addition to our chiropractic and acupuncture services. Below, we go over in a little more detail the acupuncture first visit.

We’ll Go Over Your Health Record

We’ll consult with you first and figure out if anything has been bothering you. We’ll give you a targeted acupuncture treatment program that suits your individual needs. We’ll also ask you if you’re taking any medication or supplements just to ensure acupuncture is right for you.

Your First Experience with Acupuncture Needles

If you and your physician agree, we’ll insert acupuncture needles to pain sites and sites of tension right away.  We insert extremely thin, sterile, disposable needles. Some patients are more sensitive to it than others, however most patients feel little-to-no sensation/discomfort. The treatment lasts about half an hour.

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Most patients find acupuncture to be a relaxing experience. Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope. Acupuncture benefits include reduced pain, reduced stress, improved immune and GI system, and more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Chiropractic for TMJ

Chiropractors have the special ability and knowledge to realign bones and muscles in the body,  a process that helps improve the functionality of your body, not to mention reduce pain in multiple areas of the body, including the neck, jaw, head, spine, back, and more.

A chiropractor can even help realign the bones of the neck through tried and true techniques in order to improve problems that occur with the jaw joint, including help relieve symptoms associated with TMJ.

More on TMJ

TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) affects the temporomandibular joint (also called TMJ), affecting surrounding facial muscles. This can result in intense pain, even problems with chewing and opening the mouth. Headaches can also occur, including additional inconvenient symptoms.

Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope for TMJ Pain Relief

Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope if you’re suffering from TMJ pain. Chiropractic treatment might be just what the doctor ordered.

Chiropractic Check-Ups for Your Child

Children especially undergo everyday wear and tear just like adults do. Those who play hard still tend to experience growing pains, not to mention injuries that are acute to a child’s lifestyle.

Below, Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope goes over a few of the specific ways a chiropractic check-up might be just what the doctor ordered to help your child navigate their foundational years.

All-Natural Pain Relief

Whether your child plays in the yard or is active on an athletic team, a chiropractic check-up can help aid with growing pains and pains that come along while your child is at play.

Improved Sleep

If your child is having trouble achieving sound sleep on a nightly basis, chiropractic adjustments can help. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost inner calm and mood, not to mention help with insomnia.

Improved Immune System

A chiropractic check-up can help boost your child’s immune system and GI system, helping them stay in school more days out of the year and never miss a game or play session.

Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope to schedule your child’s chiropractic check-up today. We have a long track record of providing health and wellness services for the entire family!

Easy Ways to Be More Productive Every Day

Being productive isn’t an inherent thing in a person, meaning it can be developed and enhanced over time. Just because you might not be the most productive person right now doesn’t mean you can’t make a couple of tweaks that will end up paying off big.

Below, Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope goes over a few ways to boost and enhance your productivity on a daily basis.

The One-Hour Rule

Break your day/tasks up into hours — and hold yourself accountable for doing work on a said task or even completing a task over the course of an hour. You can even further subdivide the hours. Like, say, 20 minutes of an hour you’ve devoted to learning to play the guitar, while the remaining 40 minutes of the hour you spend reading a challenging book.

Stop Taking the Easy Way Out

It’s an unfortunate quality in many of us that we prefer to take the paths of least resistance in our lives when engaging in a challenge or struggle yields incredible benefits and rewards. Choosing more challenging tasks and goals to complete makes completing them even more rewarding.

Be Good to Yourself and Others

Being good to yourself might seem like a foregone conclusion because many of us live fairly self-centered lives. So why wouldn’t we be taking care of ourselves first? But, the reality is the opposite. Many of us engage in behaviors and activities that are actually harmful to us. When we start doing esteemable things and building self-esteem, we’ll be less likely to engage in behaviors and activities that hurt us. From there, we’ll be able to be better to others, too.

Do Wellness

Take a yoga class, meditate, and schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor and acupuncture specialist in Brooklyn, NY. Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope provides services and treatments that unlock a better you.

Leg Lengths, Heel Lifts, and Orthotics for Pain Relief & Athletic Performance

Chiropractic care is a viable treatment for a number of conditions that occur due to spine misalignment. Treatment also includes evaluation of leg lengths discrepancies, the application of approved heel lifts, and orthotics implementation in order to help relieve Lower Back Pain as well as enhance athletic performance.

More on Heel Lifts

Heel lifts (which are commonly referred to as shoe inserts) are often used as a form of therapy for leg-length differences which can lead to knee, hip, joint, and back pain. Heel lifts attempt to reduce stress that gets put on the Achilles’ tendon during the healing process in addition to other rehabilitation purposes.


Orthotics, right in line with heel lifts,  are custom-made heel inserts which are designed to reduce knee, hip, joint, and back pain.

Heel lifts and orthotics can also be used by athletes to improve foot support, bolster speed, and prevent future injury.

If you’dl like to learn more about inserts, orthotics, and how you can treat low back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and joint pain, contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today to schedule your consultation. We help athletes, family members, and anybody else in need of all-natural, drug-free pain relief.

Acupuncture for Drug-Free Pain Relief

Acupuncture offers many distinct benefits for a variety of patients with a variety of physical and spiritual ailments. We’ll focus on the physical today, as acupuncture provides drug-free pain relief to patients who choose acupuncture as a treatment.

Below, Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope provides more information about acupuncture and pain relief.

Acupuncture: Now Being Used in the US and Many Other Western Countries

Acupuncture is now being used in the US and other Western countries to help treat conditions that arise from injury as well as everyday wear and tear, conditions like low back pain, nerve pain (like shingles), headaches, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, even menopause pains, and menstrual cramps.

Acupuncture Activates the Body’s Natural Pain-Killers

Acupuncture is believed by many to be effective in pain relief through releasing the body’s natural endorphins, the body’s own pain-killing chemicals which are interconnected with the part of the brain that manages serotonin, which is a chemical in your brain involved with mood.

Try Acupuncture at Zero Risk

Acupuncture is virtually risk-free, too. The advent of more pragmatic, single-use, sealed needle packages has all but eliminated risks of getting blood-borne infections HIV or hepatitis B. 

If you have any questions about how acupuncture can help you with everyday pain and injury, contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today to schedule your consultation.

Acupuncture During Menopause

Did you know that acupuncture offers distinct benefits to women going through menopause? Common symptoms that women experience during menopause include hot flashes, pain and discomfort, sleep issues, mood swings, and more. 

Acupuncture is actually showing itself to be a viable treatment for patients who do not wish to undergo hormone therapy. 

One Danish study team that was spearheaded by KammaSundgaardLund (from the department of public health over at the University of Copenhagen) noted that patients who utilized acupuncture showed improvement when it came to hot flashes, not to mention reduction of overall night sweats, sleep dysfunction, emotional imbalance, not to mention skin and hair problems. 

80% of the women who explored acupuncture during this study expressed that they felt acupuncture had been effective in reducing their menopause symptoms.

We are also finding that acupuncture is better for moderate to severe cases of menopause symptoms, which means that the harder a patient goes through menopause, the more acupuncture kicks into gear!

If you have any questions about how acupuncture can help relieve or do away with your menopause symptoms altogether, contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today to schedule your consultation. We have a long track record of helping patients from all walks of life.