Chiropractic and Vertigo

Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope provides chiropractic treatments which help patients living with a variety of illnesses and conditions, including vertigo. 

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is characterized by extreme dizziness that usually occurs during a sudden head movement. There are many theories as to why vertigo occurs, which include inner ear problems, problems with the sensory nerve pathway,  and more.

Vertigo Causes

Vertigo can be brought on due to sudden impact or injury, misalignments, problematic dietary habits, and a number of other factors.

Can Chiropractic Help Improve Vertigo Symptoms?

Studies have shown that continuous chiropractic treatments can help improve vertigo symptoms and also improve balance, reduce headaches, and reduce dizziness. Chiropractic treatments are being shown more and more to help with problems far beyond back and neck pain.

Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today if you believe you can benefit from chiropractic care. We have a staff on hand waiting to put our focus on you.

How to Get Past a Plateau

When it comes to fitness or even athletics, skill games, or anything that we might practice with an aim to get better at, there are often times when we hit a plateau, which can seem like we’re at a stalemate of sorts. Working through these plateaus is paramount to getting past them. The worst thing you can do is quit. Below are a few ways to break past your plateau.

Give it a Rest

Maybe if you’re trying very hard at something it’s time to lay off it for a while. Oftentimes, when we take a break from something or even walk away from a problematic project for a small amount of time, we come back with fresh eyes and new perspective.

Practice Perfectly

Take lessons or learn from an expert in your field if you’re looking to improve at a skill, game, etc. Their awesomeness is sure to rub off on you and propel you to new heights.

Learn Something New

If whatever you’re practicing or trying to get better at seems boring or that you’re no longer interested, learn something new, whether it has to do with what you’re practicing or not. Learning a new skill or a new facet some something you already are familiar with will unlock new channels in your brain.

Chiropractic care is also a great way to break through any physical or mental hurdles you might be facing. Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today to schedule your consultation and learn more.

3 Easy Meditation Tips

Meditation is a great idea, but for many of us it’s easier said than done. When it comes down to it, it’s pretty daunting to try to sit and turn your mind off for any extended amount of time. Sure, monks might do it for hours each day, but you don’t have that kind of time. Below are a few tips to get your meditation time in each day a little easier.

Choose Good Lighting

Soft, comfortable lighting is ideal for meditation. Harsh lighting can become uncomfortable. You want your environment to be as inviting as possible.

Shoot for 10-20 Minutes

You don’t have to try to sit down and meditate for an hour. Instead, try 10-20 minutes each day — it’s more than enough time to get the benefits!

Make it a Routine

Meditation is a great way to start your day; it’s a good idea to get your meditation time in right after you wake up, that way you can cross it off your list right away.

If you catch yourself thinking, be easy on yourself! Simply become aware of your thoughts, then let them drift away on your stream of consciousness. Chiropractic care is a great companion with meditatoin to help build a healthy lifestyle. Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today to learn more about how chiropractic treatments can benefit you.

3 Sports that Put Your Back at Risk

There are certain sports out there that stand to put more pressure on your back than others. It’s also no surprise that repetitive motion is related to the pain we feel as we advance in age, and athletes know this pain particular well, which is why you might see a retired professional athlete have far more trouble getting around than they used to.

For many of us, though, athletics are mere hobbies. However, there are a few sports to avoid if you’d like to keep your spine and your back in mind.


Golf is a pretty leisure activity that some might question the validity of it actually being a sport and not a game. Golf carts make it so you don’t have to haul your clubs around and walk the 9-18 holes you plan to play, but the mechanics of a good golf swing actually wreak havoc on your back and spine. It’s also no help that golfers often bend down to mark or pick up their ball, which can also result in a back injury.


Although basketball is a beautiful game, what it stands to do to your back could get ugly. Jumping up and down puts a lot of adverse pressure on your back. The hardwood floor is also less than forgiving.


Football is a risky sport to play at a competitive level for a variety of reasons. More and more studies are linking head injuries experienced from playing football to defects of the brain. You can also sustain injuries to your back and spine on a play-to-play basis.

If you experience an injury or pain related to the sports mentioned above or need relief from the wear and tear you experience due to your active lifestyle, contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope for a consultation.

The Many Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has to do with the treatment of injury, disease, or even deformities by utilizing physical methods like massage, exercise, and heat treatments instead of using drugs or performing surgery. Physiotherapy is also useful for those who are undergoing recovery from back injuries sprain/strains, bone fractures, and muscle pulls. Physiotherapy also helps with injuries that come about from automobile accidents, work injuries or personal injuries that happen to your neck, back, arms or legs.

Below are some of the health benefits you can enjoy from pursuing our physiotherapy services at Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Pain can come about from injury or just from the stresses and repetitions of everyday life.  Deal with pain the drug-free way with physiotherapy.

Improve Mobility

Physiotherapy can help you improve your mobility and range of motion. Stretching and strengthening exercises can both help you treat and avoid injury.

Avoid Surgery

Physiotherapy offers a non-invasive treatment for pain and injury for those who would rather not go under the knife.

The Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope Difference

At Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture located in Park Slope, we incorporate a variety of the cutting edge treatments and devices that help maximize soft tissue health and boosts your body’s restorative capabilities. We utilize technologies like ultra-sound, low-frequency electric stimulation, interferential electro-therapy as well as traction, massage rollers, and hot packs for our patients needing physiotherapy in Brookly, NY. Contact us today to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Tips to Stay Active This Summer

As we engage with the summer months it might seem more difficult for us to remain active in our off time. Work makes it hard to stay true to our fitness obligations. The warmer summer months make it easier to write off that 5-mile run or that nature hike you’ve been meaning to go on.

But, the truth is, it’s not as difficult as it seems to get your workouts in and stay healthy, even if you’re working a demanding schedule. Read below for tips to improve your activity on a daily and weekly basis.

Exercise at Work

Try to do an office yoga routine every once in a while and maybe sneak in a few body squats and push-ups in the breakroom. If you have to resort to it, laugh extra hard at your coworker’s cheesy jokes to get an ab workout in. 

No Days Off

It can be tempting to write off an entire day to “Netflix and chill” but you’ll likely feel pretty guilty about it. Instead, opt to go on a nature hike, a walk, a run, or even take a yoga class. Even on your days off from working out or exercising you can engage in active recovery.

Take a Class

Taking some type of class, whether it be yoga or even a martial art or MMA will help keep you accountable and you’ll enjoy the added benefits of joining a community.

While you get more active it’s important to take care of your body. Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today to learn how chiropractic care can compliment an active lifestyle.

3 Signs You Might be Gluten-Intolerant

Gluten-intolerance – sometimes referred to as non-celiac gluten sensitivity – is a disorder where an individual is unable to tolerate gluten and experiences symptoms similar to those with celiac disease, but they lack the same antibodies and intestinal damage as seen in celiac disease.

If you have been suffering from unusual symptoms after ingesting gluten, it may be possible that you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Here are 3 signs you might be gluten-intolerant:


Bloating is an uncomfortable fullness and gassiness that sometimes occurs after eating. Although bloating is very common and can have many explanations, it may also be a sign of gluten intolerance. In fact, feeling bloated is one of the most common complaints of people who are sensitive or intolerant to gluten

Frequent Diarrhea

Occasional diarrhea is completely normal, but it may be a concern if it happens regularly. Furthermore, individuals with celiac disease may experience pale and foul-smelling feces due to poor nutrient absorption. Frequent diarrhea can cause some major health concerns, such as loss of electrolytes, dehydration, and fatigue.

Persistent Fatigue

Gluten-intolerant individuals are prone to fatigue and tiredness because their bodies can’t absorb nutrients properly. If you are experiencing persistent fatigue that doesn’t improve with proper rest, then you should explore the possibility of an underlying cause.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, it is important to address the underlying cause. Incorporating regular chiropractic care into your lifestyle may help your body recover more quickly from the stress of gluten intolerance. Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today to learn more about how chiropractic treatments along with a healthy diet can change your life.