How to Get Past a Plateau

When it comes to fitness or even athletics, skill games, or anything that we might practice with an aim to get better at, there are often times when we hit a plateau, which can seem like we’re at a stalemate of sorts. Working through these plateaus is paramount to getting past them. The worst thing you can do is quit. Below are a few ways to break past your plateau.

Give it a Rest

Maybe if you’re trying very hard at something it’s time to lay off it for a while. Oftentimes, when we take a break from something or even walk away from a problematic project for a small amount of time, we come back with fresh eyes and new perspective.

Practice Perfectly

Take lessons or learn from an expert in your field if you’re looking to improve at a skill, game, etc. Their awesomeness is sure to rub off on you and propel you to new heights.

Learn Something New

If whatever you’re practicing or trying to get better at seems boring or that you’re no longer interested, learn something new, whether it has to do with what you’re practicing or not. Learning a new skill or a new facet some something you already are familiar with will unlock new channels in your brain.

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