3 Sports that Put Your Back at Risk

There are certain sports out there that stand to put more pressure on your back than others. It’s also no surprise that repetitive motion is related to the pain we feel as we advance in age, and athletes know this pain particular well, which is why you might see a retired professional athlete have far more trouble getting around than they used to.

For many of us, though, athletics are mere hobbies. However, there are a few sports to avoid if you’d like to keep your spine and your back in mind.


Golf is a pretty leisure activity that some might question the validity of it actually being a sport and not a game. Golf carts make it so you don’t have to haul your clubs around and walk the 9-18 holes you plan to play, but the mechanics of a good golf swing actually wreak havoc on your back and spine. It’s also no help that golfers often bend down to mark or pick up their ball, which can also result in a back injury.


Although basketball is a beautiful game, what it stands to do to your back could get ugly. Jumping up and down puts a lot of adverse pressure on your back. The hardwood floor is also less than forgiving.


Football is a risky sport to play at a competitive level for a variety of reasons. More and more studies are linking head injuries experienced from playing football to defects of the brain. You can also sustain injuries to your back and spine on a play-to-play basis.

If you experience an injury or pain related to the sports mentioned above or need relief from the wear and tear you experience due to your active lifestyle, contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope for a consultation.

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