When Running

If you have been swept off your feet and into the running revolution, we hope you will pay attention to your form as you go. Proper posture while running is one of the easiest ways to prevent injury to your spinal joints. 

Our number one tip is to vary your running surfaces: running on concrete is incredibly hard on the shock-absorbing structures of the body, and it will cause them to degrade very quickly as opposed to running on softer surfaces. 

Focus on posture: fight the urge to let your head drop when tired.

  • Keep your head centered above your spine and face forward; the rest of your body will follow this example. 
  • Pay attention to your shoulders and make sure they stay relaxed. If you feel them tightening, take a break and shake out the tension. 
  • Your hips are your center of gravity. Staying upright prevents your pelvis from tilting forward, which is a sure way to cause lower back pain. 

Much of running is unconscious- as you fall into a rhythm, it is easy to forget to stay upright. If the aftermath of a run sees you nursing a tender back or tight muscles, give our office a call. We will assess the state of your spine and see if repetitive trauma is causing damage to the structures and muscles of your back. 

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