Vitamin D: Free for a Limited Time

Vitamin D: one of the most important nutrients in the human diet. From the chiropractor’s perspective, vitamin D is essential because of its contribution to bone density and nervous system regulation. In the summer, it is abundant and free of charge: the sun is our most significant source of vitamin D. We simply need to sit outside and our body will naturally produce it when exposed to direct sunlight. 

Some quick benefits of vitamin D

  • Regulates absorption of calcium and phosphorous 
  • Helps bones and teeth develop properly. 
  • Helps the immune system function
  • Helps people lose weight
  • Fights depression and disease

Recommended intake: 10 minutes of pre-sunscreen exposure to the sun per day. 

Intake by food: 

  • Sardines 
  • Egg yolk
  • Mushrooms 
  • Fortified milk or orange juice
  • Fortified yogurt

Vitamin D is a super nutrient, but it is also one of those that is sometimes hard to come by. As a result, a high percentage of Americans are chronically deficient in vitamin D. We would like to see everyone take advantage of the summer season to improve their body of health. We want to help you in this endeavor by helping you turn nutrition, exercise and chiropractic care into tools you can use to prevent the injuries that come with aging. 

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