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Using Chiropractic to Promote Weight Loss

The relationship between back pain and weight gain

There is a reason why the two seem to coincide. Back pain contributes to weight gain because you are less likely to move when you are in pain. It also causes mental anguish which leads you to seek comfort foods in times of distress. Weight’s role in causing back pain is more obvious. Each extra pound you hold over your target weight is an additional burden to your spine, causing untold damage from muscle strain to subluxation and spinal degeneration.

An equation for success: managing back pain and weight at the same time

By reducing back pain, we can help you maintain a healthy weight. By reducing weight, we can help you manage your back pain. As we have demonstrated above, the two go hand in hand. Using chiropractic adjustment, we reduce nerve interference and reduce back pain which allows you to move more freely and burn calories. Simply creating the possibility for exercise is chiropractic’s greatest role in the weight loss game. If you are interested in using our natural modalities to effect great improvements in your health this New Year, give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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