Tips to Stay Active When Free Time is Limited

When our schedules get busy, one of the first things we start to put on the backburner is our own wellness protocol. We might eat fast food, we might sleep abnormal hours, and we might also fail to keep our health and wellness routines. Working out and exercising can definitely start to become an afterthought. And, no matter how active you are, if you remain inactive for more than a week or two, you can start to get out of shape very fast. Then it’s going to be another uphill battle dealing with the pain and adjustments of getting back in shape. Let’s avoid this!

Below, Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope goes over a few ways to stay active, even when you’re working grueling hours.

1.) Wake Up Earlier

Wake up one hour earlier in order to get your exercise routine in, whether that’s a 5 am or 6 am run, or a morning dip in the pool. Make sure you get your heart rate up for at least 25 minutes continuously to engage in cardio. Those days when you feel like hitting the snooze button, it’s important to get after it.

2.) Workout with a Friend

Having a friend to workout with will motivate you to show up more. Your workout buddy can hold you accountable for staying on top of your routine, and vice-versa.

3.) Join a Team or Group

Even if you’re busy, chances are you can sacrifice one or two nights a week to be a part of some sort of team, whether it’s softball, dodgeball, basketball, or even a martial arts dojo. Joining a community like these will help inspire you to stay more active on a weekly basis.

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