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The Problem with Ignoring Back Pain

Pain is a signal- a signal that requires a response

The truth is that most incidences of mechanical back pain do resolve themselves. One side of your brain is telling you that you can just keep going and the pain will go away while your more rational voice is telling you that you are simply fooling yourself. Pain is a signal that something is wrong- a warning symbol that if you keep doing what you are doing, injury could occur. That‘s why you become stiff and sore- if you moved those muscles any further than their restricted range of motion allows, there is a good chance you would incur injury. 

The problem is that once that pain goes away, it rewards you for your inaction. But did that pain really disappear? If you make no positive actions to account for the health of your back, and you continue with a lifestyle conducive to spinal degeneration, that pain will just recur over and over again. Ignoring your back pain signals is a great way to set yourself up for injury and disability in the future. 

Taking proactive measures to beat back pain 

We are not suggesting that you panic at the first sign of back pain. Rather keep a steady eye on your symptoms- where and when the pain occurs, the severity and how frequently it recurs. The prudent person takes action to prevent back pain in the first place, but we understand the predicament of being too busy to care for your spine. If you reach a point where back pain is becoming a constant source of worry, give our office in Park Slope a call. We prioritize the health of your spine and reduce back pain to prevent problems from compounding and leading to disability down the line. 

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