Two Daily Movements for Resetting Neck Alignment

Two daily movements that help us restore balance and reduce tension:

  1. Shoulder blade squeezes: don’t try to squeeze a pencil between your shoulders, despite what some people suggest. This is too extreme of motion. Instead, focus on gently squeezing your shoulder blades and opening up your chest. This movement relieves tension in the thoracic and cervical segments. 
  2. Chin tucks: this simple movement is effective for strengthening the muscles that are responsible for maintaining spinal alignment through the cervical segment and supporting the weight of your head. 

Retraining your spine into a state of balance starts at the top

Always pay attention to your posture by performing posture resets as often as is possible. When you feel your head creeping forward, choose to realize that this is responsible for your aching, stiff neck at the end of the day; choose to reset your head atop the spine and give your neck a quick stretch. These little actions add up to make a world of difference in your spinal health. 

When Compression is Your Problem- Spinal Healing Through Yoga

Yoga for compression injuries

Compression is defined as any injury or condition in which undue pressure is placed on the spinal cord. Degenerative illnesses, ruptured discs, bone spurs and acute injury can all cause compression, among many other factors. This brand of spinal pain is life-altering and most people will have to live and manage the pain for the rest of their lives. Enter yoga, which has long been used to improve symptoms related to compression suffering. Our guidelines for using yoga to account for compression include: 

  • A priority on being gentle in your movements.
  • Avoiding excessive transfer of forces and extreme movements.
  • Focusing on traction, or the lengthening of the spine during each sequence.
  • Avoiding poses that exacerbate your condition

It is important to know which poses can actually worsen the pain. For compression-related pain, poses to avoid include:

  1. Camel Pose
  2. Boat Pose
  3. Shoulder standing or legs-up-the-wall
  4. Seated forward folds or toe touching poses 

Using yoga to effectively account for your back pain in Park Slope

You should never start a new plan to account for your back pain without first consulting a health care professional. At Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we are in the business of helping people get an accurate diagnosis and picture of their back pain before we implement any holistic care strategies. Once we know the exact cause of your pain, we can begin incorporating modalities such as chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture and yoga to make powerful changes in your pain. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please give our new office in Brooklyn a call to make an appointment today. 

A New Home For Our Chiropractic and Acupuncture Services in Brooklyn

Chiropractic brooklyn

We are proud to announce our new home

We are moving! Monday, April 2nd will be the day we say hello to you at a bigger and better office. The announcement is bittersweet as we are moving from a location that allowed us to connect with our community on a level we could never have imagined. In order to reach more members of this wonderful community, we need to be able to accomodate them! Therefore, our new site represents an upgrade, and we are so excited to share it with you. Here are the features of our new office: 

  • A new reception room that is large and relaxing
  • More staff to attend to questions regarding appointments, insurance, care and services
  • Wheelchair access
  • 7 treatment rooms
    • 5 dedicated chiropractic tables
    • 2 acupuncture tables
    • Cox-8 Flexion/Distraction table
  • Support equipment to comfortably accomodate large pregnancies 
  • New rooms have light dimmers and Sonos voice-activated music systems for optimal relaxation

Come see us at our new address!

Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope will always have the same dedication to its community of patients. This new location will allow us to more comfortably and effectively contribute to the wellbeing of everyone who walks through our doors. If we have seen you before, please make sure to stop by and see the new features we have on offer; if you are looking to change the way you look, feel and function by using our natural healing techniques, come see us at our new location! We are standing by in our new office at 182 8th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215 and we look forward to seeing you here. 

When Lower Back Pain Flares: Movement Matters

Lower back pain in Park Slope

Don´t skip exercise when you have back pain- just change your routine

With lower back pain, it is important to avoid movements that will exacerbate your condition. These movements include: bending, toe touches, sit ups, leg lifts, and twisting motions. Lower back pain is often accompanied by less range of motion, meaning that excessive movements can cause injury. Instead focus on these types of exercises:

  • Yoga- especially child’s pose and bird dog, provides gentle stretches that challenge your core stabilizing muscles.
  • Cardiovascular activity- even walking gets circulation flowing and releases tension in the musculature that creates a pull on the lower back. 
  • Focus on stretching the hamstrings- tight hamstrings create a pull on the lower spine which can wreak havoc in the lumbar vertebrae.
  • Pelvic tilts- focus on undoing pelvic tilt and strengthening the core stabilizing muscles. 

Movement speeds up the healing process

That being said, don’t speed into an exercise routine without checking with your Park Slope Chiropractor first. We can help design a multi-faceted, goal-oriented treatment plan for your specific body type and back pain. By combining chiropractic modalities including spinal adjustment and decompression, with targeted exercise and stretching, you can effect great improvements in your spinal health. If you are interested in using our services to manage lower back pain, give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today.