Stretching with Resistance

Resistance stretching is about optimization: it allows you to achieve the flexibility improvements of a stretch routine while simultaneously building muscle. The idea is counter-intuitive, relying on the notion that a muscle can be shortened and lengthened simultaneously, giving you the best bang for your buck when it comes to your time. The 2016 Olympics brought this modality into the spotlight, as many elite athletes have made it a part of their greater fitness plans. But you don’t have to be an Olympian to reap the benefits of resistance stretching; it can be helpful for anyone interested in maximizing the value per minute ratio in their personal fitness plan. Stretches we can show you at our office include: 

  • Resisted neck twists
  • Resisted hip flexion 
  • Partner-resisted upper back stretching
  • Partner-resisted hamstring stretching
  • Core development stretching 

Of course, none of these stretches should be undertaken unless your body is in conducive shape, meaning free of pain and with an appropriate range of motion that will prevent you from incurring injury. A chiropractic adjustment helps keep your spine balanced so that you can pursue any physical activity and feel confident that your body will not falter.  Here are the benefits to be had from resistance stretching:

  • Improves core stability
  • Encourages spinal balance
  • Improves flexibility and, thereby, range of motion
  • Contributes to the longevity of the body, pun intended
  • Improves joint mechanics
  • Reduces joint stress and pain

Stretching and exercise are more about commitment than intensity; instilling a penchant for working out is a key way that you can influence your well-being. Call our office if you want to learn more about how resistance stretching can fit into your life. 

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