Self-Care Tips for Stay-At-Home Life

As millions of Americans in affected cities begin to shelter in place, it’s important for those of us who are social distancing to remember to practice self-care, especially during these times of tension and stress.

Turns out we’re a lot better to each other when we’re being good to ourselves. Below, Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope goes over a few tips for practicing self-care at home to boost your health, vitality, and wellness.

Stretch it Out

As we get cramped into our homes in order to assist the more vulnerable members of our community, it’s important to remain vigilant about our at-home stretching routines. Practice yoga (there are plenty of helpful YouTube videos out there), if you have a partner, convince them to give you a soothing massage, and make sure you’re doing what you can to decompress your body from the day’s events.

Eat Well

Have a good balance of healthy food and comfort food, that way your time at home doesn’t feel like such drudgery. Eat plenty of clean, whole foods. If you’re going for chocolate, opt for dark chocolate, which has actual nutritional value as opposed to milk chocolate. Stay satiated and hydrated to fuel your day.

Practice Mindfulness

Now is the time to have an attitude of gratitude. Try to help others less fortunate than you at this time. Meditate and make sure to think plenty of others rather than just go into self-survival mode.

Chiropractic treatment is one of the best ways out there to decompress and recalibrate your body and mind. Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope to learn more about how our treatments go hand-in-hand with the self-care lifestyle.

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