Q3 Wellness Check-In

At Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope we would like to remind our patients and readership that, as we start to head into the tail end of September, it’s actually a great time to assess how this year’s wellness goals are going. How are you stacking up to the original goals you set out for yourself?

How Do You Feel?

If you’ve been staying up on exercise, nutrition, as well as engaging in effective recovery methods like yoga and chiropractic treatment, you should be feeling increasingly better. As you fine-tune your routine, zero in on the foods and beverages that you’ve noticed get great results for you nutritionally. In yoga we know the moves that feel great, so let’s explore those more than the ones we can tell put undue pressure on areas of the body. The same should be true with your fitness routine.

Where Can You Improve?

When it comes to the mind, body, spirit, work, and familial aspects of our lives, there might be some areas where we are noticeably slacking. Let’s focus on improving in these areas while making sure that it doesn’t come at a detriment to the other aspects.

Schedule An Appointment with Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope!

Seeing your chiropractor as Q3 of 2019 comes to a close is a great way to assess how your body is doing since you’ve been on your active wellness routine. Schedule your appointment today. We have a long track record of keeping our patients healthy and well.

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