Q2 Check-In: What’s Up with Your Wellness?

Many of us make fairly specific goals at the first of the year, only to have our ambitions diminish after the first few months. Doing an end of Q2 spot-check on yourself is a great way to see how your actions have been stacking up against your goals.

Below are a few ways to judge whether or not you’ve had a successful Q2, which will give you new direction heading into Q3 of 2019.

How Do You Feel?

If you’ve been staying active and eating healthy, you might notice a change in how you think and feel compared to when you weren’t making such informed decisions. If you’re feeling great, keep doing what you’re doing (and maybe even do more of it!). If you’re feeling lousy, maybe it’s time to rethink a few things.

Is There Room for Improvement?

The answer is always yes. Try to adjust your goals and recalibrate for the rest of the year. Improve upon any weak areas and continue to double-down on your strong areas.

Do More Cardio

We could always be doing more cardio. Making sure we mix it up with running, hiking, climbing, paddleboarding, and more will help make sure you’re not getting bored with the hours of cardio a week you want to be putting in.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Chiropractor

Scheduling an end of Q2 appointment with your chirorpactor is essential to gauging where your body is and how it is responding to your wellness routine. Contact Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope to schedule your consultation today!

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