How to Do Self-Care the Right Way

The term “Self-Care” gets thrown around a lot in this day and age as we all become a little better at knowing how to take care of ourselves in the moments we especially need it. But, the truth is, one can simply and effectively practice self-care on a daily basis, instead of saving it for a one-day couch-surfing endeavor.

You can actually be quite productive on a day you designate for self-care. Below, Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope goes over a few ways to practice self-care the right way.

Do Esteemable Things

It’s a little known fact that when we help others while expecting nothing in return, we’re actually helping ourselves. It releases healthy endorphins to help out somebody else, like a natural high that comes along with doing the right thing in the right moment.

Take Care of Your Body

Your body is one of the first things that should come to mind when it comes to practicing self-care. Yoga, massage, acupuncture — there is an endless list of health and wellness options to help you recover from an active lifestyle or a demanding work schedule.

Practice Mindfulness

Your mind is something that you need to maintain just like your body. Read often, especially material that challenges you. Meditate for ten minutes a day — just try to think of nothing; when you catch yourself thinking, gently remind yourself to stop. Do the things that take you to your place of zen, whether that be Muay Thai, golf, crocheting, or any other activity that takes you out of your head.

Chiropractic treatments are a great way to practice self-care. Learn more at Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope today. 

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