Herniated Discs

Herniated disc prevalence is on the rise in America. As modern trends lead us into more sedentary lifestyles, the cards become stacked against the spine’s chance at longevity. Cell phone obsession, desk-bound work schedules, and the wide availability of electronic entertainment have taught us to sit more than ever. At our office we are concerned with protecting the integrity of your spine, the superhighway of the nervous system, so that you can enjoy old age without the incursion of back pain and stiffness. While most herniated discs will heal themselves given enough time, the time frame can vary depending on how much attention and care is devoted to the injury. Being proactive about your pain is the best way to heal and prevent the recurrence of injuries in the future. 

Herniated discs are most commonly a wear and tear injury. Performing the shock-absorbing function for the spine, these discs are located between each vertebra and are composed of cartilaginous material. A disc herniation refers to a condition where the disc bulges or breaks and moves outside of its normal space. This bulge often puts pressure on nerves that are exiting the spinal column nearby, creating the pain, inflammation and stiffness that is associated with the injury. 

Most commonly, herniated discs are caused by the wear and tear of age: because we don’t pay enough attention to the nutrition and exercise that is needed to maintain their health, these shock absorbers degenerate until they reach a breaking point. Herniated discs can also be caused by more acute forces such as whiplash.

So, do you want your injury to be one that heals in 6 weeks or 1 year? Do you want your injury to be one and done, healed and strengthened against future injury? We can help you enact a plan that involves chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression and therapeutic massage that will reduce your pain and get you back on your feet. From here, the trajectory is upward: paying attention to nutrition and exercise can help you have a happy, healthy back long into life. 

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