Can Acupuncture Help with Labor Induction?

You might have heard myths and rumors about what to do if you’re trying to induce labor. Going on a gnarly hike might be one you’ve heard. Some doctors even suggest that having intercourse can induce labor. However, acupuncture remains a treatment that even medical professionals are starting to consider as a viable assistant to a smooth-going childbirth process.

The Facts Are Not Quite In

Medical professionals generally agree that there simply is not enough evidence to support the viability of acupuncture when it comes to inducing labor, however, studies have suggested a causal link. One University of North Carolina study found that women who received acupuncture were more likely to go through labor without medical or surgical intervention. 70% of women who received acupuncture went into labor on their own while only 50% of those who received standard care went into labor on their own.

Acupuncture Stimulates the Body

If you receive acupuncture while pregnant, there’s a good chance certain areas of the body will be avoided due to their stimulating effects. During labor induction, these sensitive areas are now incorporated, which can inspire the body to go into labor sooner.

Acupuncture is Win-Win

Even if your acupuncture session doesn’t quite send you into labor that night or the following day, you’ll achieve a more restful night of sleep as a result and be more comfortable and relaxed during this key stage of motherhood.

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