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Can Acupuncture Ease Sciatica Symptoms?

Acupuncture addresses sciatica symptoms

By inserting tiny needles into strategic points in the body, acupuncture creates a chain reaction of healing:

  • Releases painkilling endorphins in the targeted region.
  • Relaxes tense muscles, including ones that could be impinging or creating a pull on the sciatic nerve
  • Increases local blood flow, which brings oxygen and healing nutrients to the region.

Traditional Chinese Medicine maps out the points that correspond to dysfunction in the lumbar and sciatic nerve regions, allowing us to directly target the symptoms. By relieving pain, you are able to move more freely and perform exercise-based activities that can further improve your sciatica symptoms. Acupuncture is, in most applications, completely side-effect free and the upside is tremendous. 

Let’s put acupuncture to work for your sciatica today 

If you are interested in using acupuncture to improve your sciatica symptoms, give our new office in Brooklyn a call to schedule an appointment today. We firmly believe that the most effective way to take on any spinal condition, including sciatica, is with a multi-faceted. We have dedicated acupuncture facilities that will help you relax both body and mind in support of more effective healing. 

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