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Body Drought: Functioning with Insufficient Water Supply

During an internal drought, your body is forced to make decisions

It is forced to prioritize, and the spine is not a priority. With deficient water supply, the body pulls water from the extremities and spine, reallocating it to the vital organs which simply cannot do without water. Your spinal discs, which rely on water to provide the shock-absorption and articulation between vertebrae, dry out. This effect manifests itself in more back pain, less range of motion and accelerated spinal degeneration. With an internal drought, any water that is put in is automatically routed toward the internal organs, and the spine continues to suffer. 

Hydration helps you function your best 

So what are we really looking for? To just hum along, with our body scrambling its resources to keep us functioning at the lowest possible level; or to provide our body and brain with the water they need to truly thrive? Drinking your daily recommended amount of water is the easiest and fastest way to start improving overall health, especially that of your spine. 

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