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Acupuncture Improves Workplace Wellness

Benefits of acupuncture to the worker in you

Acupuncture is of enormous benefit to anyone who works 40+ hours a week; because these 40+ hours often tip the balance of your life toward stress, acupuncture goes about undoing this by treating the causative factors of stress at their source. The equation is a cycle: mental stress causes physical pain and physical pain causes mental stress. The body’s natural reaction to mental stress is to tighten; tension in the musculature then pulls your body out of alignment and causes physical symptoms like back pain, stiffness and aching.

Acupuncture works to reverse this cycle by increase blood circulation throughout the body, helping muscles repair and heal, while also helping to oxygenate and energize the brain which helps you cope with stressors more effectively. By boosting your immune system, acupuncture helps you ward off illnesses that come about when your body is worn down from to much stress. If you are interested in protecting your workplace wellness with acupuncture, give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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