Stretching from Bed

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Why bother to get out of bed?

If you are feeling extra lazy on your day off, you don’t have to get out of bed to still give your body some relief with a good stretch. If you are destined for bed on a rainy Sunday, remember that muscle tension will still accumulate; so make some moves from the mattress to keep them at back and keep on relaxing!

From bed, let the stress melt away and try a few simple stretches. 

…and of course, always remember to practice deep breathing, especially in bed. The extra influx of oxygen will help you relax further and treat your muscles at the same time. Here are stretches that target the back and hips- two regions that tend to accumulate the most tension during the regular course of life. 

  • Hamstring stretch: lay flat, and lift one leg up. Raise it as high and straight as possible while keeping your butt planted on the bed. Hold 30 seconds, then switch legs.
  • Knee to chest: lay flat. Bring one knee up to your chest, clasping the thigh with both hands. Hold 30 seconds, then repeat with opposite leg.
  • Spine twist: Lay flat, bring both knees up to your chest; cross them over and drop down to the right side of your body. Extend left arm the opposite direction and look over your left shoulder. Hold 30 seconds and repeat.

Relaxing, stretching and feeling better with chiropractic in Park Slope

The bed is a cornerstone of wellness. At Park Slope Chiropractic, we want to help you leave pain behind so that you can relax well all the time. If you are suffering from long-standing pain, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. We can help you determine the root cause of your pain and set a course for treatment that involves chiropractic adjustment, stretching and strengthening that will keep your pain at bay. 

What Time of Day is Best for Working Out?

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The real debate should be: what time suits you best for working out?

Whether you feel the motivation first thing when you step out of bed or need a workout to wind down after a day’s work, whatever way works for you is the right way! However, it is always worth noting the advantages of each time in case you are considering changing your routine. You can also adjust your workout time to match your motives: do you want more muscle? or to lose more weight? Read on to find out when the best time is to do each. 

Working out in the morning vs. afternoon

  • Morning: attention weight watchers! A morning workout has been shown to curb appetite which means that not only are you burning calories but also limiting their intake, a big boost for your caloric balance. Furthermore, the less food you have in your stomach, the more body fat is burned during a workout. Sticking to your workout schedule is made easier in the mornings because it is less likely to conflict with other social engagements and you haven’t corroded your willpower after a long day at work.
  • Afternoons offer the chemical advantage for working out. Stress hormones (which aid in fat storage) are lowest and testerone (important for muscle growth) is highest in the afternoon. Your body temperature, and thus muscle temperature, is higher meaning that you are more flexible and you may take more out of each workout. Furthermore, you performance will be at its peak because heart rate and blood pressure are low and your brain is sharp for enhanced reaction time. 

The takeaway from working out in the morning vs. afternoon

Some people would look at this and say there is a clear chemical advantage working out in the afternoon. While this may be so, a morning time routine can be more effective if it fits your lifestyle better. We can help get your body in conducive shape to reap the benefits of a workout no matter what time of day you think is best. Give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Karen Thomas, D.C.