Exercise and Chiropractic

fitness and chiropractic

Perhaps in response to what has been deemed an obesity epidemic, America has become serious about getting fit. There is more information and misinformation than ever in regards to what makes you fitter or happier.

At Park Slope Chiropractic, we use exercise to help patients manage back pain and boost their well-being. Cardiovascular and strength building exercises synergize with chiropractic care to relieve pain, repair injury and make your body more resilient moving forward.

For patients suffering from low-back pain, we utilize flexion and extension stretches and exercises that help lengthen restrictive muscles and restore flexibility to stiff regions. Core muscles are very important to support the lower back: pelvic stabilizing muscles, adductors (tendons that connect thigh to pubic bone) and the abdominals are all muscles that we promote for strengthening. We also want you to be aware of your thoracic vertebrae (encompassing shoulders and chest) and their role in movement. Learning to use the thoracic region properly can relieve much of the burden of movement from the lumbar region.

Aerobic exercise is another great supplement to chiropractic care: leaving the couch behind and going for a brisk walk has innumerable benefits including keeping muscles toned and promoting circulation.

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Dr. Karen Thomas, D.C., L.Ac.