Acupuncture Boosts your Athletic Lifestyle

Acupuncture for athletes in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Acupuncture for athletes in Park Slope

Acupuncture is effective for athletes because of a variety of factors: 

  • It is personalized to the individual
  • It is 100% natural 
  • It harnesses the body’s innate healing power
  • It is non-pharmaceutical 
  • It balances the body

When we meet with an athlete who is considering acupuncture treatment, we have a conversation to determine their specific goals: are you managing on ongoing or recurrent injury? Are you lacking in flexibility? Does it take you too long in between sessions to recover to a normal threshold? 

From here we select a personalized map of acupuncture points in order to treat said person’s unique needs. In terms of healing, acupuncture is especially effective at treating inflammation and reducing swelling, boosting range of motion and reducing pain. If you are interested in finding out more about acupunctures role in an athletic lifestyle, give our office in Brooklyn a call to schedule an appointment today.