Neglect Your Lower Back at Your Peril

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Your core muscles and your lower back

All these muscles work together to help you maintain proper posture, which is the first pitfall of not training them- it makes posture all the more difficult. From here, the problems compound, especially when you are asking your lower back to bear more strain as you scale up your ab routine. 

Neglecting your lower back no longer

There are many exercises and stretches which can be easily learned and quickly added into your routine to ensure that you are rounding out your exercise and contributing to spinal health. After all, these are the muscles that matter most for the longevity of your body. Chronic pain, postural problems and degradation of the spine can all be prevented by paying attention to the conditioning of the lower back muscles. To resolve pain in the lower back, establish good posture and restore spinal balance, give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today.

Don’t Let Your Back Pain Reach Desperation Level

Conservative methods for addressing back pain

Flexion/Distraction manipulation is a technique developed by Dr. James Cox that uses a specialized table to put you in different planes of motion, including passive distraction, lateral bending, flexion and rotation. These motions reduce intradiscal pressure and widen the spinal canal area to provide a reduction in symptoms of pain that are characteristic to hernaited discs. We can also achieve improvements in range of motion of the spinal joints. This is a widely used and well-researched form of spinal manipulation; a gentle, non-invasive procedure that helps many people find relief from pain in as little as 30 days from the initial treatment. Many people find the treatment relaxing. 

Recapturing the Lost Vitality of Youth

chiropractor park slope

How chiropractic and acupuncture support a younger you

  • Chiropractic adjustment: the regularity of internal and external stressors demands that we regularly re-align the body so that the nervous system can work optimally and healing is maximized.
  • Therapeutic massage: for increasing blood circulation to stiff, sore muscles, helping them heal and provoking the body’s release of feel good chemicals that fight pain and stress.
  • Exercise & Rehabilitation: stretching and strengthening are two of the most important tools in our arsenal when it comes to rehabiliation and prevention moving forward. 
  • Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine: to ease pain, fight stress, improve circulation and increase well-being.