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Exercise park slope

When it comes to exercise, commitment is often an issue

As we sluggishly pull ourselves out of our happy holiday stupor, many of us are simultaneously picking up the pieces of our fitness plan from 2017. If you let yours go out the window in the last couple of weeks, don’t despair! Start slowly and you’ll be there again in no time. But if you are less than fanatical when it comes to exercise, we want to focus on turning the tables in your favor. The best way we know how to do this is to make exercise easier. Now what exactly does that mean?

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Weight loss park slope

Chiropractic's role in weight loss... not a direct one; that is to say that a chiropractic adjustment does not equate to less pounds. But chiropractic adjustments facilitate weight loss in a more holistic manner. By regulating the nervous system and reducing back pain, chiropractic creates a set of conditions that allows your body to move more and burn more calories.

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Headaches Park Slope

The menace of headaches 

If you suffer from chronic headaches of any variety, we are willing to bet you are interested in preventing them. The problem is that headaches strike so suddenly, and often so strongly, that we have little recourse but to reach for painkillers. Pain medication is important in the short term because it reduces intensity and allows us to focus on other things; by the same token it masks the symptoms and allows us to ignore the severity of the problem. At our office in Park Slope, we are motivated by the idea that we can reduce the severity, duration and frequency of headaches to help you live a better life despite your pain.

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Chronic pain

Chronic pain is on the rise in the United States

At its broadest scope, chronic pain means pain that persists for more than three months. In other words, long beyond the schedule of normal recovery. It can start one day out of nowhere; it can begin after a surgery that was supposed to solve a pre-existing pain. And while it is often linked with aging, even children are susceptible to the menace of chronic pain. By some estimates, as many as 1 in 5 Americans are now suffering under its grips. And this number is slated to rise, with an aging population and a workforce that is shifting into less active employment and more sedentary lifestyles. The worst part of the problem is that we have no clear reason for why chronic pain exists, what it is, or how to go about treating it. 

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Stress and the holidays

When holiday shopping leaves us spun outm holiday shopping

Shopping doesn't get enough credit for how much stress it causes. During the holidays, the stress level ratchets up as we compete with ourselves, others and Father Time to get the presents we need amidst already busy schedules. It is a cruel irony that we replace the simple, charitable values of christmas time with blind consumerism; it becomes worse when it then also begins to affect our health. This Christmas season, we urge you to take a step back, avoid the stress and protect what really matters: your health.

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Inflammation park slope brooklyn

Inflammation levels go up during the holiday season

It's no wonder- inflammatory ingredients surround us everywhere we go. From pumpkin-spice lattes with processed dairy to the myriad holiday sweets at our holiday parties, inflammation can be hard to avoid. For people with auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis, this can make an already hard-to-manage condition worse. For people looking to manage inflammation during the holiday season, awareness is the order of the day!

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