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What is Holistic Healing? 

Holistic healing broadens orbit of tradtional medicice and healtchare to incorporate a variety of alternative and complimentary medicine techniques. Rather than treating illness and dysfunction on a symptomatic and conditional basis, holistic medicine seeks to treat the entire person: body, mind and spirit. Because we believe that injury and sickness is down to disharmony within the mind-body-spirit complex, we believe that the best way to go about treating them is by treating the whole person. Among the ways we do this is at our office in Park Slope is through chiropractic and acupuncture, two modalities that support the body as the most powerful source of healing. 

Holistic Medicine at Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Our office employs expertly trained specialists with an impressive array of certifications and awards in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic. When you choose to consult with us about a health care problem, we will help determine whether you are a good candidate for one or both of these treatments:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on balancing the body's energy meridians and processes in order to improve health. This system relies on observation to determine. Some primary goals of TCM are reductions in anxiety and stress, improved capacity for healing and reduction in pain related to a host of conditions. 
  • Chiropractic: a complementary medicine  that uses spinal manipulative therapy to treat pain, reverse dysfunction and lower the likelihood for more invasive procedures. This is a complimentary medicine practice  that is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical. Primary goals of chiropractic include improving nerve function, improving range of motion and reducing pain related to a host of musculoskeletal conditions. 

Why choose holistic?

Holistic medicine by no means tries to replace traditional medicine as your primary healthcare service. What you will find with our holisitc healing techniques at our office in Park Slope is that your body will become more resilient to injury and feel better throughout the day. We hope that during the course of our time together you will be as open and honest about your afflictions as possible, helping us to design a course for treatment that gets to the root of what is causing you pain or sickness. 

Acupuncture for athletes in Park Slope, Brooklyn

An athletic lifestyle is rife with aches and pains

Whether it be an aid to muscles recovering and rebuilding or a tool that minimizes the potential for injury that is inherent in many sports, athletes are always on the look out for the next boost that will improve performance. Turns out, one of the most effective athlete's aids may be one of the oldest in the world: acupuncture. More and more professional athletes are turning to acupuncture in order to improve recovery times and deal with the minor aches and pains that come along with their sport. 

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spinal stenosis

A brief overview of Spinal Stenosis

Mostly encountered in adults over the age of 50, spinal stenosis is a painful condition that refers to the narrowing of the spinal canal. Often, the narrowing occurs because of the onset of arthritis that reduces the space in between vertebrae; as it narrows, it causes pain, numbing and other symptoms by pinching the spinal cord and the nearby spinal nerves. Other symptoms include:

  • Sciatica
  • Difficulty with bladder or bowel control 
  • Difficulty standing and walking 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for spinal stenosis; however, there are steps we can take to manage your pain naturally! 

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sleep right park slope

The importance of sleep posture

In any activity that you perform for hours at a time posture is going to be important. Take work for example: every one who has worked in an office can attest to the stiffness and dull aching that comes after a day sitting with poor posture. But in an office you move a lot more (or should move a lot more) than when you sleep. If you are lucky enough to be getting the 8 hours of sleep you need per night, you can add to the health benefit by sleeping with good posture. 

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natural pet care

A short guide to caring for your pet naturally

The purpose of this article is to educate pet owners first and foremost. How?

Many people are unaware that it is possible to treat their pets with complimentary medicine like acupuncture and even better, to save their lives (yes, unfortunately, many pet owners resort to euthanasia because they don't know that other treatments exist...not to mention natural as well).

There is so much to gain from treating your pet with alternative medicine (avoiding euthanasia, decreasing side effecrs, gentler treatments, etc) and few people know this artice is our means of helping animals and their owners. We have interviewed several veterinarians who are quoted in the article and who also want to get the message out there. 

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Prescription drugs Park Slope

Athletes have a precarious relationship with prescription drugs

When it comes to recovering and rehabilitating an injury, drugs are often prescribed to treat symptoms of pain and inflammation. The problem is that these drugs come with side effects both known and unknown that can affect athletes, especially when it comes to their performance. While the severity of your injury determines the course for treatment, we believe that it is always worth considering a more conservative and less invasive form of rehabilitation. 

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