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Posture is a constant struggle

And many of us are on the losing side. The problem is an essential one: your body was simply not made to sit. But from a young age, when we are tethered to our school chairs, we learn the pleasures of slouching. Our comfort seeking bodies subconsciously select positions that feel good in the moment but are harmful in the long run. When we are young, this is fine- our bodies are more resilient, we are generally more active, and spinal degeneration hasn’t set in yet. By the time we start working in an office, this whole scene has changed, and our bodies begin to suffer. Our poor postural habits, which have been reinforced over many years, now begin to hurt. What’s more, our postural shortcomings become outwardly visible! How can we regain control over our posture to maintain a high level of spinal health despite the risk factors associated with our jobs?

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The most common sports injuries are systemic in nature

And while it may be hard for the athlete in you to admit that your twisted ankle or pulled back is your own fault, it is worth looking at the causes in greater depth. Many injuries appear acute on the surface, but when we probe deeper we find that they represent the breaking point of systemic stress. That means that an acute injury is also part of a more chronic problem. The systemic shortcomings that we look for in athletes include: 

  • Spinal misalignment
  • Muscular imbalance
  • Compromised range of motion 
  • Faulty biomechanics 
  • Poor posture

These factors overlap and influence each other; when one or more of them is present, injury will surface eventually. Our job as an office of chiropractic is to help athletes identify and correct these shortcomings before they turn into an injury. But we are also prepared to treat sports injuries without necessarily calling for pharmaceutical intervention.

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Chiropractic for children in Park Slope

Close your eyes and imagine a time free of spinal pain

Most of us will immediately think of our childhood- every year we go back in our memory, the pain becomes less pronounced. As we reel back the years, the pain is literally unwinding itself; so much of the back pain in our adult community is the result of years of spinal pressure compounding on top of itself. Many of us who live with chronic back pain are unable to identify a particular point in which the pain moved in as a perma-fixture in our lives. Are you guilty of waiting until back pain moved in before doing something about it? This reactive form of healthcare has proven itself as a contributor to so much pain and illness throughout our community. Let‘s not make the same mistake with our children: it’s time to flip the script and take a proactive approach to caring for our spines.

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A self-imposed drought

In America, there is a water-related paradox: many of us are fortunate enough to have regular access to clean drinking water. But we treat our bodies as though there is a drought, foregoing sufficient hydration because of laziness and taste; against our better instincts, we will choose sugary, caffeinated drinks that actually dehydrate us further. Chronic dehydration is ubiquitous in America, as evidenced by the fact that there are now apps which will remind you regularly to drink water. Many of us have become so used to being dehydrated, that it is our new baseline for normal, and this is no way to live! Every cell in our body contains water and relies on water to function effectively- by not providing your body with the water it needs, you effectively function at a lower level. This drought effect becomes even more startling when you look at it through the lens of spinal health.

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Lower back pain in Park Slope

The precarious relationship between back pain and exercise

When you are experiencing a flair up of lower back pain, rest might be the only thing that sounds good. And while rest is important, especially if you are heating/icing, movement is equally important. Back pain prevents people from exercising-  by some estimates as much as 40% of people will forego exercise if they are experiencing mild back pain. But movement, especially the purposeful kind involved in exercise, helps speed healing by improving circulation, decreasing inflammation and boosting immunity. It also builds strength in regions that matter; for example, a spinal injury like a herniated disc may have you feeling down and out, but building strength in the surrounding soft tissues helps lend support to an embattled region. Read on to find out how you can keep exercising despite lower back pain. 

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Chiropractic for tennis players

The spines of tennis players face a unique mix of stresses 

For being classified as a low-impact sport, tennis actually contributes to a lot of wear and tear throughout the body. Once you look at the nature of the sport, you begin to see why injuries are so common in the tennis community. To begin with: 

  • Shearing forces in the lower extremities: you speed up then come to a full stop, then accelerate in the opposite direction. This unpredictable procession of motions wears down the load bearing joints in the legs and lower spine. 
  • Repetitive stress: applied to the same local areas over and over again, creates a disproportionate amount of stress to a given region. 
  • Ballistic motion: increases the pressure on the joints in the upper extremities, as well as the thoracic and cervical spinal segments. 
  • Twisting motion: side-to-side motion increases the amount of overall spinal pressure. 

How we help mitigate pain and dysfunction for tennis players in Park Slope

Our combination of chiropractic and acupuncture modalities help tennis athletes discover their best from while preventing injury. 

  • Spinal adjustment: balances the body, improves range of motion and circulation, mitigates back pain and prevents injury. 
  • Decompression: alleviates pressure from the spine, rehydrates intervertebral discs and facilitates healing. 
  • Stretching for tennis players: focusing on the core muscles, as well as those in the upper and lower extremities; yes, tennis is a holistic exercise that requires stretching for every part. 
  • Acupuncture: increases local, as well as full-body, circulation and facilitates healing. 

Performing your best on court: chiropractic for tennis players in Brooklyn

Our overall goals for helping tennis players include: maintaining a high standard for range of motion, balancing the body so that musculature develops evenly, and improving coordination between body and brain, via the nervous system. If you are interested in using our natural modalities to improve your game on the court, give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today.


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