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Sleep health park slope

Why is it so hard to get out of bed?

Grogginess is a bane of the morning time. It is a vicious cycle that feeds itself: your busy lifestyle makes sufficient, restful sleep hard to come by during the week; you naturally have less time throughout the day to achieve your health objectives, whether they be eating well or working out; you wake up feeling tired rather than refreshed, which can make it exceedingly difficult to even get out of bed. And then you are expected to be productive! This is the recipe which leads us to reach for caffeine first each morning. Read on to find our tips for facing down your day the natural way:

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Back pain park slope

Ignoring pain is a bad habit

What is it about us humans? We can simultaneously process hundreds of sensory perceptions and categorize them while performing daily tasks that range from the ordinary to the highly-specialized. So what happens when just one of those sensory perceptions is pain? You feel a twinge in your lower back, or a stiff, achy feeling in the your neck and what do you do? If you are like so many Americans, you feel, process and store that pain at the back of your priority list. You go about your day ignoring the pain, telling yourself that it will either go away or you will deal with it later. Does this sound like you? Read on to find out why ignoring pain does more harm than good. 

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Chiropractor park slope

Cardio is excellent for back pain

From boosting circulation to releasing endorphins, cardio is just as important for spinal health as it is any other system of the body. Circulation helps cells in the back get the oxygen and nutrients they need to repair; just 30 minutes of exercise can release feel-good endorphins into your blood stream, helping to relieve pain. A further application of cardio in managing back pain is in helping people maintain a healthy weight. Every single pound counts in your spine’s fight for longevity and its ability to retain a healthy curvature. But some forms of cardio can be harsh on spinal joints, causing repetitive trauma that corrodes the cartilage in your intervertebral discs. 

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Chiropractor park slope

The dynamic healthcare system offered by chiropractic

Spinal manipulation is the heart and soul of chiropractic care: it is a modality that treats the spine as a foundation of wellness for the rest of the body. By improving function in the spine, and by extension the nervous system, chiropractic adjustment helps you feel less pain and move better. By freeing up the spine and surrounding musculature from dysfunction, we believe that you can manage chronic pain, while preventing the onset of injury and illness. However, chiropractic is an ever-evolving practice, and we look to integrate with and augment primary care, while also providing a whole range of other natural modalities that help the body heal. In this way, it is a truly modern healthcare system. 

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Chiropractor park slope

What is spinal mobility? 

While the upper and lower regions of the spine are designed for stability, the segment in the middle, known as the thoracic spine, is designed for mobility. The spinal motion segments (vertebrae, intervertebral discs and facet joints) in this part of the spine are specifically designed for flexion, extension and rotation. With sedentary lifestyles on the rise, we are treating more and more people with poor thoracic (and thus, poor spinal) mobility. What does that mean for you? 

  • Slumped posture when sitting and standing
  • Pain in the neck when exposed to twisting motions
  • Restricted ability to perform basic daily movements.

And these problems, when left unadressed, will compound over time, leading to spinal degeneration, pain and dysfunction. You begin to see why thoracic mobility is a health priority at our office in Park Slope.

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Exercise park slope

When it comes to exercise, commitment is often an issue

As we sluggishly pull ourselves out of our happy holiday stupor, many of us are simultaneously picking up the pieces of our fitness plan from 2017. If you let yours go out the window in the last couple of weeks, don’t despair! Start slowly and you’ll be there again in no time. But if you are less than fanatical when it comes to exercise, we want to focus on turning the tables in your favor. The best way we know how to do this is to make exercise easier. Now what exactly does that mean?

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