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Is brain fitness really such an abstract concept?

It is your main muscle, after all. At a certain point, cognitive performance reaches its zenith and then begins to decline with each passing year. What's more, cognitive performance is closely linked with physical performance and key functions such as balance. One of the key risk factors in our senior populations is falling- the injuries that can be sustained are devastating. By improving cognitive performance, you can actually make yourself more physically able and less vulnerable to injury. 

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Your brain is your most powerful muscle

But each side is responsible for different function and skills, and imbalance between the two can cause neurological dysfunction and increase mental stress. The left and right brain are generally thought of as independent, but overlapping, hemispheres; harmony between the two is called hemispheric brain balance, and it is worth pursuing regardless of your age or mental condition. In fact, exercising your brain is just like physical exercise- it conditions a potent muscle, and the result is more mental acuity, energy, creativity and memory retention. All you need to get started is to focus. 

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Complementary therapy to induce labor

Inducing labor is a critical decision that has enormous implications for the health of both mother and baby. It is put forward when it is thought that the pregnancy should not continue for reasons including:

  • a baby beyond the due date
  • pre-labor complications
  • concerns over health of the mother or baby
  • Concern over death of the mother or baby during labor

When these conditions are present, many women are faced with a tortuous decision. Medical inductions are fraught with side-effects that can have long-lasting impacts on the life of both mother and child. More and more women seek an alternative method for inducing labor and acupuncture is answering that call. 

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Maintaining your brain is a constant struggle

Unfortunately, we are far better at abusing our brains than treating them nicely. We pile on the stress at work, then "decompress," with sensory stimulation in the evenings; we forego hydration and good nutrition against our better judgment; we let our sleep suffer;  all of these factors create serious wear and tear for our brains. The problem is not that we wear them down, but that we do little to replace what we take out. Let us give you some incentive for why you will want to start taking better care of your brain. 

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Acupuncture benefits all of the brain's functions

Acupuncture is being shown to help people with brain disorders affecting functions like memory, learning, speech and movement, among others. More and more studies are showing that acupuncture has a measurable effect on brain function, even if the reasons (within a Western medicine framework) for this remain nebulous. But Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that the brain is regulated like any other organ in the body; when dysfunction is present, it needs to be stimulated and nourished. Scalp acupuncture is TCM's response to cognitive dysfunction; MRIs have shown that people with a variety of neurological disorders respond to the increase in cerebral circulation that is stimulated by acupuncture needling. 

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Why more people are starting to ask about scalp acupuncture

Scalp acupuncture is forging its way into acceptance in the Western medical conscious. Most often used in the applications of post-stroke and brain surgery therapy, there is a growing body of clinical findings that point to the efficacy of scalp acupuncture in helping sufferers of: 

  • Paralysis
  • MS
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Motor Neuron diseases
  • RLS
  • Phantom Limb Syndrome
  • Aphasia

...and many more. But many people are still hesitant about scalp acupuncture, perhaps because of the dearth of practitioners in the United States. Let's find out a little bit more about how it works. 

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