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Restful sleep is more important than ever

Unfortunately, as humankind progresses, it is more difficult to unplug from the noise and distraction than ever. City people especially are finding it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, which negatively impacts their daily operations and contributes to a poor overall quality of life. What better way to combat these modern sleep dilemmas than with the help of an ancient healing art?

Finding a better night's sleep through natural means

TCM relies upon the methodology that all forms of body disharmony, illness and disease are effectively treated by restoring harmony to the Qi along the energy meridians of your body, thus healing organs and body systems. This includes sleep disorders. We synergize the power of TCM with chiropractic to give your body a multi-dimensional support network. As it relates to sleep, there are two primary energy meridians that apply: one, which is responsible for the quality of sleep, and one which regulates proper timing and duration of sleep.

By balancing the bio-energy along these meridians, restful and restorative sleep can return to your life. I can also make recommendations pertaining to lifestyle habits and diet that could be affecting your sleep. The exact type of acupuncture treatment that will benefit you can only be determined through collaboration between the client and a licensed practitioner. We will determine the root cause of your sleep disturbance and create a plan that will improve your sleep quality.

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