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Is brain fitness really such an abstract concept?

It is your main muscle, after all. At a certain point, cognitive performance reaches its zenith and then begins to decline with each passing year. What's more, cognitive performance is closely linked with physical performance and key functions such as balance. One of the key risk factors in our senior populations is falling- the injuries that can be sustained are devastating. By improving cognitive performance, you can actually make yourself more physically able and less vulnerable to injury. 

Improving brain function helps you live a more functional life

At Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope, we support holistic methods for training the brain. Brain fitness refers to neuroplasticity- the idea that you can create new neural connections and improve your brain performance through simply using your brain; clinical evidence is telling us that it is that simple!

And this concept applies to people of all ages, and especially those who are looking to recover from traumatic brain injuries or strokes. Using sensory training exercises and balance improvement techniques, you create natural challenges for your brain that elicit a response and an improvement in overall functioning. This translates to a real improvement in overall wellness. 

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