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Your brain is your most powerful muscle

But each side is responsible for different function and skills, and imbalance between the two can cause neurological dysfunction and increase mental stress. The left and right brain are generally thought of as independent, but overlapping, hemispheres; harmony between the two is called hemispheric brain balance, and it is worth pursuing regardless of your age or mental condition. In fact, exercising your brain is just like physical exercise- it conditions a potent muscle, and the result is more mental acuity, energy, creativity and memory retention. All you need to get started is to focus. 

Increasing coordination of the left and right brain

Indeed, conditioning your brain starts with being more mindful. The first exercise we often recommend is to simply tune in- challenge yourself to clear your mind and really focus on the present moment; the sounds, smells, and sights of your immediate surroundings are something that we often breeze through without truly perceiving. At Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope, we also encourage the following techniques to improve hemispheric brain balance:

  • Visualization 
  • Logic games and puzzles
  • Problem-solving strategies

In conjunction with a balanced, holistic lifestyle, focusing on coordination of your left and right brain can be a powertful tool for improving wellness. There is a lot to be gained from improving brain balance- from an uptick in confidence to an increase in brain function, we want you to feel your best! Check in at our new office in Park Slope and start taking advantage of a more balanced brain today. 

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