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How soon after birth can I receive a chiropractic adjustment?

We get this question a lot and our answer is always the same: as soon as you feel ready; as soon as you feel ready to leave the house, you could receive a chiropractic adjustment. The post-partum period is broken up into three phases, and will last as long as 9 months after birth; the majority of women will report at least one health problem during this period of time. What this tells us is that recovering from pregnancy and delivery is not something that happens over a night, or a week. It will take a concerted effort on your behalf to adjust to a body that is forever-changed, and a life that is irreversibly altered. For many new mothers, this can be an overwhelming time, fraught with nerves and misapprehension. It is our job to help balance your body and mind to help you effectively transition back into a new normal life with your baby. 

Postpartum chiropractic focuses on balancing the body. 

The penultimate phase of pregnancy tends to destabilize the spine at its base by loosening ligaments in the pelvis in preparation for deliver. This relaxation of ligaments at the base of the spine means that many women emerge after delivery with lower back pain. With instability at the base of the spine, the rest of your back is vulnerable to misalignment and the associated nerve pain, which can quickly lead to headaches, stiffness and soreness. In the early postpartum phase (the first 2-6 weeks), we focus gentle adjustments at restoring pelvic stability and alignment in the lower back. By adding in core stability, we start the rebuilding process of a region that was so severly weakend during pregnancy. 

Postpartum chiropractic in Brooklyn

Don't go it alone! This is the best advice we can give to any new mother. Trying to manage the physical and mental stress of adjusting to a new life with your child can leave you exhausted and vulnerable to postpartum depression. With qualified health professionals on your side, you will give yourself the best chance of recovering fully and avoiding many of the pitfalls of the postpartum period. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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