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Stress needs to be managed

Letting stress run unchecked in your life is a sure way to hurt yourself. While a certain level of stress is useful, many of us are operating at levels way above the threshold of manageability; stress is putting many of us on the road toward mental exhaustion and physical pain. Stress is linked to any number of physical ailments, and manifests itself in an entire spectrum of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms. In the short term, these symptoms are enough to cause discomfort, but you may be able to compartmentalize them and move on with the task at hand. In the long run, however, stress can lead to mental health problems, cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems and musculoskeletal degeneration. In order to stop ourselves from reaching the end of this nasty road, we need to change tracks as early as possible and start taking a proactive approach to managing our stress.

Acupuncture helps us manage stress

At our new office in Park Slope, we are seeing more people come in complaining of chronic stress. Acupuncture offers an all-natural method for managing stress. Here's how it works:

  • By regulating Heart Rate Variability: a more objective measure of the effects of stress on your body and brain. A stable HRV directly influences the function of the nervous system. Which leads us to benefit #2...
  • Balancing the Central Nervous System
  • Increasing circulation to the brain to deliver the nutrients and oxygen your main muscle needs to thrive under stressful conditions. 
  • Increasing natural energy levels and vitality to help you deal with stressful situations in a more sustainable manner. 

At Community Chiropractic & Acupuncture of Park Slope, we want to use our expertise in natural healthcare to help our community live more balanced, less stressful lives. If you are interested in taking an active hand in manging your stress, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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