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Your center of gravity determines your stability

This hypothetical location refers to the point in your body where your mass appears to be concentrated. In a stationary world, our COG is located anterior to the second sacral vertebra, but because we are always in motion, this position is fluid- changing with every motion of the upper and lower bodies, as well as the limbs. Understanding your center of gravity (along with knowing where it is) has important implications for balance and stability, injury prevention and overall wellness. Let's find out a little bit more about the importance of your center of gravity. 

Direction of gravity in relation to your COG

This is where things get interesting. Gravity is a downward force; because you are in the middle, gravity travels through you and your COG toward the center of the earth. Your COG is part of your base of support- the area beneath you, including the points of contact your feet make with the ground. This base of support determines how stable you are- if the line of gravity travelling downwards stays within your base of support, you are stable. However if the line of gravity falls outside your base of support, you are unstable. 

It therefore follows that a larger base of support therefore increases stability, and helps explain why a low center of gravity is advantageous; the lower your COG, the less likelihood that the line of gravity will fall outside your base of support.

Stability and the center of gravity

At Community Chiropractic and Acupuncture of Park Slope, we want to help you get to know your center of gravity. Balance is an important part of wellness and we want you to start taking advantage of it to prevent injury and function optimally. Give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today.

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