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How have you been taking advantage of the holiday season?

We hope you have been able to enjoy the change of season by doing what you love. Whether it means spending more time with family, catching up on chores or projects around the house, or simply veging out on the couch, we want to check in and make sure you are taking care of your body. More than likely, many of us are still plugging away at work, pulling long hours in the office, workshop and restaurant in anticipation of a few days of hard-earned rest. Whatever the case, all of the above activities contribute to muscle stiffness, for which the most effective relief is stretching and exercise. But. Then we come home and find that our muscles are sore, which can make relaxing difficult. At Community Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we believe in using natural modalities to help your muscles recover quicker.

Natural modalities for overcoming muscle pain

If you need some inspiration this holiday season, stop by our office in Park Slope to find out how we speed the recovery process for sore muscles. We do it using a dynamic approach that combines several proven modalities:

  • Deep tissue therapy: massage sparks circulation, bringing healing nutrients to a region in need of rebuilding.
  • Stretching: reinforce the pliability of your muscles and send oxygen where it is needed most.
  • Heat therapy: penetrate deep into sore muscles and improve tissue elasticity.
  • Acupuncture: as discussed in our Acupuncture for the Modern Athlete series.
  • Chiropractic: adjustments regulate the nervous system, improve range of motion and relives nerve impingement.

We believe in the power of renewal that the holiday season brings

When it's all said and done, draw yourself a bath and let the hot water soothe those last aches and pains right out of you. The holidays are a time of treating yourself right! We want to show you how easy it can be to make improvements in your spinal health and overall wellness without resorting to medication or surgery. Give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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