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Something everyone should be doing: engaging your postural mucles

Stop what you are doing and engage your postural muscles! If you are sitting, try this: 

  • Sit upright
  • Pull your belly button in toward your spine, and up toward the ribs
  • Roll your shoulders back and drop them so that your shoulder blades are pushing downward
  • Drop your tailbone down toward the floor. 
  • In this position, your spine should feel straight and your chest expanded. 
  • Now try to maintain this position. 

In this position, you look confident, your spinal muscles are engaged and keeping you upright which is working to prevent pain, and you are breathing your best. Chances are, however, that after five minutes, you will be back to slumping over your computer, or slouching in your chair, or leaning against some odd object. And that's not your fault! It's human nature. But it is something that we need to address if we are going to keep you looking your best, and feeling young and free of pain. 

How we can make this position the new norm

It begins with awareness- now that you know what it feels like to have your postural muscles engaged and holding you upright, we want to work to make this your new normal. At our office in Park Slope, we work with you to help you establish good postural health. This means:

  • Providing spinal adjustment to realign the spine, improving range of motion and reducing pain.
  • Focusing on stretching and elongating overly-tight postural muscles which are suffering from overuse in poor posture.
  • Focus on strengething under-used phasic muscles to lend support and stability to the core. 

If you are interested in changing your postural health for the better, give our office in Brooklyn a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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