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For certain sports, hip rotation is absolutely essential

Take baseball, golf and tennis, three sports where power gives you a competitive edge. While it appears at first that strong arms would make all the difference, sports mechanics show that the majority of power is generated by the hips. Therefore, effective movement of the hips is a necessity for athletes looking to generate optimal power. Chiropractic offers a range of natural modalities for improving hip mobility and mechanics, allowing you to become a more effective athlete.

Chiropractic for hip mobility

Pelvic misalignment limits hip mobility. As your sport chiropractic specialist in the Park Slope neighborhood, we focus on improving hip mobility in the following ways: 

  • Ensuring the spine is aligned through the pelvis
  • Strengthening the core stabilizing muscles
  • Focusing on stability of the pelvic region

Weakness and/or tightness in the hip muscles which surround the joint capsule can also limit hip mobility, which means that targeted stretching to the internal and external rotators can help improve elasticity of the hip muscles and improve mobility. Our primary goal is to resolve misalignment in the lower spine to prevent imbalance in the hip muscles moving forward.

More hip mobility means better athletic performance

If you are interested in getting a leg up on the competition, give our office in Park Slope a call and find out more about how our natural modalities help you improve hip mobility. 

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