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acupuncture for shin splints

The dread shin splint

Shin splints are perhaps an athlete's most annoying nightmare. Also known as tibial stress syndrome, shin splints occur when the shin bone and its connective tissues become overly stressed. Many athletes notice the presence of shin splints after a particularly intense workout or a longer training session. Pain can also be felt due to the swelling and inflammation of the connective soft tissue. Any treatment for shin splints begins by giving your body time to let the swelling reduce, while simultaneously avoiding adding further stress onto the overloaded region. Acupuncture is another treatment that is showing great promise in the treatment of shin splints

Acupuncture for shin splints

Acupuncture is well-researched for its ability to reduce pain and increase circulation in an injurious region, helping improve the speed of healing while reducing swelling. While your body will most likely resolve shin splints on its own, it can always use a helping hand and acupuncture is the most natural hand you can lend with very few side-effects to offset its efficacy. Some athletes, especially professional ones, can't afford the time off necessary to let shin splints fully heal by themselves. Acupuncture is a great way to speed the rate of recovery and get you back on the playing field. 

Acupuncture for sports injuries

Acupuncture for shin splints is directed around the site of the injury, where the tissue is injured. By inserting needles along the edge of the tibia, we promote fast healing of the soft tissue. If you are interested in using acupuncture for sports injuries, give our office in Park Slope a call to schedule an appointment today.  

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